Sunday, September 30, 2012

Harvest Home

Picked the last of the (April blossom) plums today -- the best part of a month later than usual; and made a first run for blackberries, ditto late. And while the cherry tomatoes outdoors seem to be coming to the end of their run, the runner beans are still going, albeit slowly, and the greenhouse tomatoes are just about hitting their stride.

The apples on the Charles Ross are getting pecked by birds, but when I've salvaged them, they still taste under-ripe.

The broccoli -- old and new -- were ravaged by caterpillars this month (again way late), so I don't know whether there'll be anything to harvest next year. But then I'm still getting leaves off the one surviving chard plant from last year as well as this year's run of perpetual spinach, so I have no clue about what the garden is doing.

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