Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wet, wet wet!

It has been chucking it down these last few days, and looks to be continuing that way.

Thursday morning when driving to work, there were a few very large pools on the roads where water was collecting after draining from the surrounding fields, though the Bourn Brook didn't seem to have risen significantly, so I went home at lunch time, to remote work for the rest of the day, by a longer route, to be able to see and avoid water hazards.

Friday's forecast being for a respite, I cycled to work (Monday's forecast showing wet), and there were road closures for flooding around Caldecote then, though they were gone when I headed home mid-afternoon.

Dreaming of a wet Christmas is all very well, though the mild weather means I really need to go mow the lawn, but it's far too wet for that -- or much of the other midwinter tidying that I would normally do over the break.

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