Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dear diary

After last week-end showing early promise of spring, with warm sunshine enough to be comfortable in a T-shirt outside, and thoughts turning to gardening, it's now gone back to grey and around freezing again, with three days of light snow flurries, though no perceptible settling.

At least the generally dry cold has meant that I've just had to wrap up well to continue the one day a week cycling to work (on average -- the 1st was washed out so I did the 7th and 8th). The downside of cycling in winter conditions has been picking up a lot of salty mud on the bike, and a chain that, despite drenching with GT-85, was often stiff in places after being parked a few days. That warm spell at least gave me chance to do a good clean and re-grease.

And the car is now at 8008 miles.

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