Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Five finger exercise -- a more complex cmdlet in C++/CLI

Moving on from the previous post, porting the main cmdlet example to C++/CLI -- along with adapting it to later PowerShell behaviour (the original code assumed that the provider path resolution would not throw on non-existent items, so some exception handling needed to be added ahead of the fallback check for the file existing), making it pass the MSFT FxCop rules for PowerShell (fixing the verb, class and namespace in the main), and allowing it to be localized (through resource files as well as through the PowerShell look-up mechanism), and so forth...

I let Visual Studio generate the class outline, so there's a slightly pointless split into header file and implementation, but that aside, it's only the little bits of baroque syntax that really distinguish it from the C# equivalent. So perhaps I shouldn't forget about the language quite so much.

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