Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December cycling

This month I only used the old bike, and the trips I logged on the Cycle Challenge site came to 293.7; but my bike odo ended at 11040.7 or 291 miles -- but I did have a couple of drop-outs. So comfortably over the 4200, possibly up to 4215 for the year.

That includes a couple of runs in the cool and occasionally bright holiday weather; one of which took in the first stretch of the Roman road, which was good firm going, apart from the bit near the Fulbourn road where vehicles crossing had pounded it into deep ruts and slurry -- indeed some vehicles crossed as I approached that bit, and while I dismounted to carry the bike across, the sound of revving of engines suggested that all was not well with the hindmost of the convoy. I watched him fail to do anything but dig in deeper for a while, before heading on, having had my daily ration of schadenfreude.

Now, can I beat that distance in the coming year?

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