Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Cycling

Despite a few wet days, and stubbing a toe badly (fortunately coinciding), it wasn't so bad a month for cycling -- 12453.6 and 2407.8, for 142.8 + 282.8 or 425.6 miles total for the month (way more than August), and 3185 year to date, so on target for 4200 in the year. A number of fine early mornings that were too good not to take the long way around to work helped, compensating for weekends where I didn't manage to get many miles in (and a summer in general without much in the way of long leisure rides).

The long way around to work also has the advantage that there are next to no other cyclists going the same way, except for on the busway from Oakington down, so I don't have to negotiate past people going along at barely more than walking pace on bikes with wheelbarrows for the kids attached, or who come to a stop blocking paths while waiting for pelican crossings; and there's no need for guessing whether the guy in front has tried to indicate or is just a limp-wristed wossname flouncing along.

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