Monday, February 29, 2016

February Cycling

Up to 13,613.7, 2689.7 and 16.1, meaning 347.2 + 0 + 10 = 357.2 miles (686.2 YTD, 60% up on last year) in colder, drier and not so windy weather; without any excursions on the long route this time.

I did have one puncture, where a spoke rubbed through the rim-tape, and it took a while to get the -- new in December -- back wheel aligned again (realizing that both the washers that had been put on on one side were needed inside the frame to position the wheel properly between the brake pads, as a hack because the adjustment screw on one side doesn't engage properly). And then when I got the chain done, I had to move one of the washers back into place inside the frame again after I got home, having been warned that one pad was rubbing slightly...

For the moment the hack is working, but in due course, I guess it's time for a new set of calipers.

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