Friday, September 30, 2016

September Cycling

Up to 14,329.0, 3,936.7, 98.1 and 1.7 off meter, meaning 86.9 + 116.2 + 11.6 + 1.7 = 216.4 (2999.0 YTD, well behind last year) after a month where extremes of heat and wet, and the closing in of the evenings, meant more incentive to drive early to work, and, more importantly, get home early, after a full day's work done. And as the days get shorter, and remembering how draining cycling through last winter was, I suspect I shall drive more, and will probably fall well short of 4000 miles this year.

What I didn't realise until totting the numbers up this evening, was how few miles this month, the Cycle Challenge website having vanished at the end of August, and so no daily logs.

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