Monday, May 01, 2017

April Cycling

Up to 14655.9, 274.0, 142.1 = 173.2 miles, which is about the same as the monthly rate I averaged over Q1 (YTD 714 miles). Way down on last year; I didn't even keep up the 30 Days challenge, as the 4th was wet in the afternoon/early evening. When we have had good weather, I've been more inclined to work in the garden, where it's sheltered from the rather chill winds that characterised most of the month or get things done around the house; and it's less draining to start early, drive, finish early than cycle, work, cycle, work some more, cook. What rain we have had in a generally dry month also managed to skew towards driving and staying dry on days where I might normally have cycled; and these days, the chance to stop in town on the way home has reduced the need or incentive to cycle into town at weekends.

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