Monday, April 30, 2018

April Cycling

The winter bike ended the month on 15637.3 for 17.6 miles, the summer bike on 1177.3 for 178.8 miles (529.7 YTD), a total of 196.4 miles for the month, helped by a ride to St Ives for lunch and back on the 13th (with interesting detours around the flooded bits of busway path). And despite the rainy start of the month and the rather apocalyptic forecast for today, I managed the 30 day challenge -- albeit many days just doing the 2km circuit of the village -- without getting wet. Cold at times, yes, like today, but not wet. There was even the glorious week in the second half of the month where it was well into T-shirt weather temperatures.

The mostly cold and wet weather has meant that the gardening is way behind my expected schedule, though.

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