Monday, July 01, 2019

June cycling

On the summer bike starting at 1330.8 and ending at 1480.8, plus 17.6 on the folding bike, for a total of 167.6 miles (YTD 1065). Down again on last month, because from a promising start, the weather turned wet and/or humid for a couple of weeks mid-month, so a number of the rides to the gym were replaced with working out at home.

Steeple Morden Aerodrome Memorial

I did get one decent ride in at the start of the month -- ironically, on World Bicycle Day -- heading out through the Mordens, then Potton, Sutton and Gamlingay. All well within the bounds previously set, but in parts on roads I'd either not ridden before, or at least not in that direction.

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