Sunday, November 01, 2020

October cycling

On the summer bike starting at 3553.7, and ending at 3583.1, and winter bike from 17251.2 to 17313.5 for a total of 91.6 (YTD 2110), with a small number of drop-outs from a loose connection on the latter, maybe up to 1/2 a mile. The weather stayed mild all month, but was generally windy and wet, so the run of riding every day that started on the Bank Holiday weekend came to a stop.

This was almost all going somewhere (market, dentist) miles; fortunately I managed to stay dry apart from the very last day of the month, doing a resupply run ahead of the coming lockdown, where it went from vaguely spitting to absolutely tipping it down in the last couple of miles of the return leg.

While I again managed more miles this month than the same time last year (just), November is not April, so any rides for exercise will be limited -- probably shan't get to see the new Abbey bridge until almost Christmas.

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