Friday, January 01, 2021

December Cycling

On the winter bike only, from 17522.7 to 17608.7 for a total of 86 miles, going out for fresh air on the few bright days in the month. For the year that was 1008.4 miles on the winter bike, 1366.3 on the summer bike (2216.8 to 3583.1) and 17.64 to 48.18 = 30.5 on the folder, giving a total of 2405.2 for the year, way up on what I thought I might do.

The weather was rather wet all month, especially in the days before Christmas -- water meadows all flooded, and in places roads, like the above turn-around-and-go-back interruption to my Christmas Eve ride, where the Bourn brook had burst its banks near Toft.

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