Sunday, February 21, 2021

Kappa "Kami-cat" Kamina 23-Oct-2007 - 21-Feb-2021

Kami looking innocent

A cat of remarkable practical intelligence, especially where food was concerned -- "food in a can with the rip-off cap on top of what's left? Easy -- hoik the lid out and start scooping!", and a master of the art of holding things still with one paw, or even just a single toe, while licking them clean.

Kami foraging

The runt of the litter, he was always at the bottom of the heap at least around the food bowls, so that may have contributed to his readiness to forage for might-be-edibles (which long-term may have been his downfall) and to hunt -- I remember having to excuse myself from a phone meeting to take him and his pigeon outside. When he no longer had his sister keeping him down, he came into himself, being the one to inhale his own late evening treat of wet food (initially a ruse to get the cats inside and downstairs at the end of the day) and steal Pip's.

And then one evening he didn't come squealing as was his wont. A stay at the vets, a special diet, and he seemed to be on the mend -- once more squeaking for his evening treat, then in the morning happily climbing unassisted to his usual basking spot; but by Thursday evening he was off his food again. Friday morning, he was huddled miserable in a corner, so off again to the vets, where he declined, underlying cause not determined.

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