Thursday, July 01, 2021

Q2 Cycling

April was cool but dry -- only one "maybe thinking of spitting" in the whole 30 days event; and concluded with the re-opening of both the Coton footpath bridge and the jetty at Ditton Meadows, both of which I covered for the last ride of the month. At the end milage totals were winter bike 17954.3, summer bike to 3640.4 and then a battery change ending at 136.3 for 288 miles for the month.

May blossom in April

May was cool but also wet -- the usual rainy season -- though it did end with a burst of hot weather that just beat out March for hottest day of the Spring; concluding with a 48 mile ride through the fens to Wicken and Upware. The totals were 18268.3 and 136.3, for a total of 314.4 miles

Those wind turbines at close quarters

June's weather went downhill towards the end -- see the gap -- but that didn't stop me ending the month at 18718.5 and 136.3 for a total of 450.2 miles (just short of June 2015's total, but best month since), and 1319 for the year, after exploring more new cycle routes along the A14 which make for conveniant 20-mile level rides, and also going across the A11 at the Wilbrahams to explore a by-way that runs close by the foot of the wind turbine installation visible for miles around.

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