Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Film — Team America : World Police

It is disappointing to see that the Yanks manage to do Thunderbirds better than the ill-fated live action movie that even International Rescue couldn't have saved, and without more than a title screen explosion as hommage to Gerry Anderson.

To say that this isn't the number one intellectually challenging file of 2005 is an understatement. The satire is as as scatter-gun and unsubtle as, well, Team America themselves; and the humour is much the same. Certainly, not a film one would want to take one's parents to see — but it managed to keep the audience laughing, myself included, through most of its length, even though the laughter was sometimes the nervous laughter that masks embarrassment.

Overall - leave your brain at home, prepare for rather sophomoric humour, and enjoy.

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