Monday, January 03, 2005

Holiday Viewing

I did less of this than I'd expected. I did get around to

Dirty Pair Flash Mission 3

which was disappointing. The previous disks had at least got a plot behind much of the comedy; this was disconnected episodes, running mainly on fan-service. The first and last episodes were almost good, but were let down by poor pacing.

Clouds of Witness

Karen got the set of the 1970s Lord Peter Wimsey adaptations (with Ian Carmichael) as her main present. Watching the first one was an exercise in "just one more episode" - and we did the lot in an evening. Classic BBC class.

The Incredibles

Good movie, tolerably low schmalz level. Not a classic of western culture, but still worth seeing.

House of Flying Daggers (spoilers)

One of Karen's colleagues from Health Service days, who was at the same showing as us, likened it to "a Chinese Bridget Jones with daggers and a sad ending", while for my own part, Andy Lau's role clinched my analogy as "Infernal Affairs, wuxia re-mix".

While on balance, I think I preferred his previous Hero, another excellent film. Oh, the fight in the bamboo grove!

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