Saturday, July 30, 2005

Off to Worldcon

Staring the journey with a stop-over at the Fat Lamb near Kirkby Stephen; so the route planners tell us take the A1, turn left at Scotch Corner. Only as we have just gone past the A52 at Grantham, the traffic locks solid — and there's nothing coming the other way.

After a while a helicopter flies over; a while later a motorbike runs up between the lines of cars. There is a little movement forwards so I'm about opposite a gap in the central reservation, but there is a car between me and it.

Then a paramedic car squeezes down the middle and the car next to me edges forwards to let it pass, allowing me then to three-point and out through the gap. So A52, A46, A614, a prettier, if slower, route.

Later, coming past Leeds, there's a long stretch of 50mph limit alleged roadworks, for a couple of miles after the bit being worked on. Revenue generation I guess; but that is enough. I leave at Wetherby, and on to Harrogate, then past Settle, taking the A683 to the inn, which despite the best efforts of the postcode to mislead, turns out to be on that road, at the corner of the turn to Ravenstonedale.

As we have driven into cloud, rain and gloom, even at just 18:00, we're ready for food, which is plain simple fare, well done, and in enormous quantities. And so, as pepys put it, to bed.

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