Wednesday, August 30, 2006

At Carcassonne

I wake up early, so go for a stroll along the canal, and then take a cruise

LaDouce lock house

Lock house at LaDouce — one of a series

back a couple of locks, rising 2m (LaDouce), then 4m (Herminis) before turning around.

Stroll up to the old town and take more photos


The other end of town

Pick up a light late lunch, and sprawl & read on the grassy bank in front of the hotel

Outside the hotel

Shade and shelter from the mistral

which I do for much of the rest of the p.m.

The whole 50cl bottle of rosé is a bit too much, and having crashed about 10pm, I wake at 1am with a cold sweat, before falling back into broken sleep until about 6.

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