Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cycling holiday -- day 4

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Wake for no good reason just before 06:00; check the forecast -- showers from 13:00, heavier as the day goes on. As the light picks up, look out the window and see heavy mist -- who ordered that?.

Breakfast at 8, and on the road before 9, following maddeningly incomplete signs to the and along the cycleway 51 -- there's a sign just along the road from the hotel, but that isn't followed up. I have to cast about to find the track behind the shire hall. Over the A14, I manage to lose the cycleway several times, and ending up steered off the route way early. At least there's a separate cyclepath part of the way to Thurston.

Follow the longest possible route, but with a good pace, the flatter terrain allowing me to get into a stride and keep on going, as the mist slowly burns off.

The excursion north carries me across a number of open areas where the harvest has been, that feels like the barren top of the world, before diving back to more familiar territory, apart from the little detour into Stowmarket.


Haughley -- duckpond and painted houses

At base, under a still hazy sky with cloud starting to build by 12:30, and off by 1pm, as the weather gets duller and duller. At least it wasn't the typical beat the weather run like in previous holidays.

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