Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Syntax Highlight Brush for F#

Following on from Scott Hanselman's post about the SyntaxHighlighter script, here's the secret sauce I needed to get it to work.

And here's a first stab at an F# brush, which is in use for this post.

The symbolic class is not yet working; ocaml and reserved do work, and there's more to add, as noted in the introductory comment, if I can get past the symbolic hurdle.


Abel Braaksma said...

It is nice to see an F# highlighter around, great work!

I'd love to add your brush to my long list of SH brushes but it needs to be 2.0 compliant for that and the brush syntax has slightly changed. Is is possible for you to update your brush?

The new syntax is explained in this handy custom development guide. The new syntaxhighlighter has since moved to its own location where you can find version 2.0. The old location that you reference in your post will not be updated any further.

-- Abel --

Steve Gilham said...

Moving to 2.0 is one of the many things on my "must get around to it" list. As life permits, then it'll happen.