Saturday, December 27, 2008

A week of contrasts

Saturday last, getting up early-ish to get hair cut, and attend to vanities before going out in the evening, so driving into town rather than taking advantage of the mild weather. Town was quiet, the only real activity a long queue in Borders; though Morrison's had been very busy Friday late morning.

Sunday, very mild, cycling to the garden centre with just an open denim jacket over my T-shirt, for sake of sleeves, and sandals on feet.

Two days at work, winding down, some self development, some tidying up of bugs, getting home with 29000 on the odometer as I parked. Wednesday, cooler, and dull, OK for cycling -- but had brightened to T-shirtable when I nipped out for lunch. Usual dinner with friends in the evening, even if being designated driver takes the edge off.

Thursday -- don't get up at all; drift downstairs for breakfast to eat in bed just before dark.

Friday -- drive to the in-laws, with the A12 being quite busy, and slow to the Blackwall Tunnel. Coming back being surprised on the M11 to often be cruising past traffic in the slow lane when only doing 60 myself.

Today -- hard, white frost again overnight. Drive in to town late morning for a few odds and ends to find the place seething. In all respects, the opposite of last week.

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