Friday, April 10, 2009

Anime — Maria-sama ga miteru 3rd and 4th Seasons

The other series from Q1 that I watched -- and, the previous season, which I missed reviewing at the time (and which I now have in the form of one of the elegant Nozomi season boxes).

What to say about a series for girls, that appeals to me, at least, because it is about a strange fantastickal world, almost entirely without boys, none of whom play any significant part?

After the heavy drama at the end of the second season, the third is fairly laid-back, though not to say entirely free of social conflicts, covering a span centred on summer holidays and a school trip to Italy. And after the very demure two seasons, there is a surprising amount of fanservice (top left), above and beyond the occasional ankle or shoulder.

Fourth season opens with a new and slightly weird OP sequence (below), and an annoying sponsor (top right) -- even McDonalds is less heavy handed! We are now a year on from the first season, and Yumi is now going though what her onee-sama Sachiko did then, the troubling search for a new petite soeur to become Rosa Chinensis en bouton (bottom left).

Oh, and fanservice : Zettai ryouiki in my Marimite? It's more likely than you think! Plus easily misconstrued dialog (bottom right).

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