Monday, April 13, 2009

Film — Let the right one in (Låt den rätte komma in)

A fairly solid vampire movie, set in ~1980s Sweden, one I'd meant to see that didn't manage to make it -- despite being advertised -- for last year's film festival. A young boy, on the cusp of being a teenager, somewhat effeminate looking, is the butt of all the class bullies. And then he meets the girl who has just moved in next door, and a romance blossoms.

It eschews garlic and crucifixes on the one hand -- and all too knowing post-modernism on the other. You know what to expect -- puncture marks in necks, infection, a spate of murders. And there is the most satisfying Chekov's gun I've seen for a long while, set up when the vampire takes her first meal; though the title itself is a misdirection.

At the end, the monsters are satisfactorily despatched, and life settles back to the rhythm that it clearly had before the film began.

Oh, yeah -- having watched entirely too many fansubs in recent years, the timer of the subs on this film is worse than even the low-tier crappy speed-subbers. The titles often appeared long enough before the spoken dialog for me to read them, anticipate the Japanese (if on the betsuni, sumimasen and arigatou sort of level, at least), and then be crashed by the Swedish. And I'm so used to things like radio or TV voices-off being subbed that the omission (except for the announcement of a weather forecast, but no the forecast itself, and a chrono-locating mention of Brezhnev) felt unnatural.

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