Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anime — Ristorante Paradiso

Images quoted for purpose of review.

In a quiet little street near the centre of Rome, there is a little restaurant, the Casetta dell'Orso. It is a peculiar place, since all the staff are middle-aged men, who wear glasses, the result of a foible on the part of the proprietor's wife.

This tranquil arrangement is disrupted when Nicoletta, her daughter by a previous marriage, whom she has concealed from her new husband, arrives on the doorstep.

This is the story of Nicoletta working her passage in the restaurant, and the stories of the older men -- married, single, bereaved, divorced -- with whom she is working.

And while she is young enough to be a daughter to any of them, Nicoletta takes more than a professional interest in her colleagues -- leading to a wider happy ending than I had expected, beyond just the reconciliation with her estranged mother.

Short and sweet. Just one question -- where are all the IRL cute 21 year old oyajicons hiding?

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