Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer cycling

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Sunday, starting sunny, but with hazy cloud building. The detour into Stowmarket was marked as "ignore this line on the map", but the loop around the back of Stowupland was a nice detour.

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Rain started Sunday night, and was easing by lunchtime Monday, so I decided to chance it and just make the dash. By the time I was fighting my way out of the Tannington Anomaly (where ground and map never quite match up) the little patch of pale blue sky in the west had opened out into sun and fair-weather cloud, so an excuse for a bit of a detour.

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Tuesday dawned bright, slowly building cloud, but no need to race the weather as has so often been the case. So take a combination of the long route suggested, plus bits of the long route from Monday, joined together with bits of signed suggested cycle tours.

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