Sunday, January 31, 2010

“Hello Glade#” from F#

Another bit of spiking, a rather tardy follow up from raw GTK#, starting from the C# example at the Mono Project site, but incorporating the earlier example, so as to build in a clean application exit, for one thing.

In the .glade file, I changed the label size from 38, as in

<widget class="GtkLabel" id="label1">
       <property name="width_request">38</property>

to 88, so as to allow the displayed text to be longer.

In VS2008 I added the .glade file by including a new F# script file, but renaming it to, pasting in the XML, and setting its properties to have a Build Action of Embedded Resource. The code looks like:

Here the widgets are surfaced via a plain data object, Handler, and their events are wired up much as before via F#'s first class reactive events, which are much more natural (especially when combining events to one handler is required). The project needs a reference to the glade-sharp assembly, above and beyond the ones already required for pure GTK#

Unfortunately, the need for CLR attributes on members is problematic for IronPython -- the least nasty way to achieve the equivalent of the Handler class would be to compile some C# on the fly.

Unchanged by version, February 2010 CTP.

Unchanged by version 3.1.1, January 2014 (except that Add Existing Item works better for the .glade file in VS2010 and up).

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