Sunday, January 17, 2010

An interlude of thaw

Finally a few mild days, and the heap of snow shovelled from the drive has finally melted, leaving the garden snow free after a whole month. The milder weather and the sun was enough that the greenhouse windows even started to open a little, very comfortable when harvesting the chillies. Having layered bubble-wrap over them and the other tender plants that live on the patio in the summer, and just keeping that little tent frost-free, seems to be preserving them in generally good shape, except those branches closest to the glass.

Of course, with the thaw, it's back to raking up dead leaves, and piling them on the part of the garden where I need to dig in some more organic matter; and to look at the lawn and think that it's a couple of months at least yet before I can sensibly apply a much needed moss treatment.

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