Thursday, February 11, 2010

F# under the covers XI½ -- F# changes everything

Well, I just tried building my code coverage static analyzer under the February CTP; and the first thing I get is that the attribute decorations for F# algebraic types have changed. In particular the SourceConstructFlags.NonpublicRepresentation enumeration value is no longer present as part of the SourceConstructFlags type.

So as part of the drive to update existing F# samples to the new release, I shall be revisiting my "under the covers" series as I update my code inspection to match the new release.

And when that's done, there'll be a 1.1 release of the toolset.

Later: A quick bit of Reflector on the subject, and we find that the name is now SourceConstructFlags.NonPublicRepresentation.

Later the same day: well, that's all the entries pre-Ocober 2009 CTP updated. Also note that the output window issue is still present in VS integration.

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