Friday, February 12, 2010

Updating F# posts to - part 1 : Before the October 2009 CTP

I've actually been fairly lucky about code changes (apart from probably being the only person on the planet affected by the change in the camel-casing of the NonPublicRepresentation enumeration flag -- which really means ImplementationArtefact) -- the only ones needed were in the very first posts, working with the September 2008 CTP (, Map.mem, Set.mem, Set.to_list becoming Map.containsKey, Set.contains and Set.toList respectively. Everything else is bug-fix or implementation detail -- or updating the version number in the paths to F# components.

  • September 2008 CTP ( could not sub-class PSSnapin : resolved in May 2009 (
  • Silverlight 2.0 integration is probably obsolete as we're coming up on Silverlight 4.0, but you might get away with changing the version in the file path to now.
  • At some point after, the full paths to the .pdb symbol files have been included in assemblies, avoiding the need to use the nunit-console.exe /noshadow option when doing coverage analysis of unit tests.
  • The representation of algebraic types has changed in subtle details since
  • There have been changes in the release build code generation, but I have not tracked these in detail, being more interested in the debug build from a tooling point of view.

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