Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cambridge Film Festival

I pretty much started this blog as as a home for "My Cambridge Film Festival film reviews", however much my blogging has mutated over the years. And this weekend, the programme for this year's CFF is out -- and even more than last year, I'm feeling underwhelmed by the torrent of gritty and edgy features, right-on documentaries, and the usual run of "there's adultery in it, so it must be artistic". It's like it was all set out with a ground rule of "No fun allowed, SRS BZNS ONLY". Oh, and they're exhuming and showing the totally abysmal Silent Running (down there near the nadir of my list of the worst movies I've watched). Twice.

I suppose I could go watch The Seventh Seal and The Day the Earth Caught Fire again; but apart from being in two minds about this locally produced film, Dimensions (which could be another Time Crimes, but could equally well be artsy tosh with a few bits of stage dressing like non-genre writers generate when thinking they're doing SF), the new material singularly failed to catch my eye.

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