Monday, August 15, 2011


At end of day 11-Aug the car was reading 3474 miles; at the hour that I picked it up last year, 3485. Subtracting the 14 that were on the clock when I picked it up, 3460 or 3471 miles -- a lot less than in previous years.

Sunday evening, the bike was showing 2280 miles; 373 miles in the first 6 weeks of the new year, which is in keeping with last year's rate

The new guided busway cyclepath is a great new way into the town centre avoiding traffic, even though I have to do a mile and a bit on bridlepath or detour twice that distance to get onto the cyclepath feeding to it. If only there were paved spurs to the neighbouring villages. And even though the last hundred yards or so at the station end aren't finished yet.

In the garden, the plums have been in full flood for a couple of weeks -- much earlier than the usual Bank Holiday peak I usually plan for; indeed everything has been early, ever since the early onset of last winter.

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