Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anime — Leiji Matsumoto's OZMA

This short series had all the look and feel of something restored from the 1980s and texture-mapped onto contemporary CGI for the vehicles traveling on -- or in some cases under -- the desert sands of a future devastated world (which seemed to be the setting for at least two out of three titles from back in the day).

The gimmick this one had is that we had craft that would use quantum magic to submerge, to give an excuse for doing all the standard submarine things (though I guess that should be subharene for things traveling under sand) -- running silent, being depth-charged, like every submarine movie ever.

The passage of time did mean that a lot of the old clichés get to be new again from disuse and as a pure nostalgia binge succeeds on those terms; but did we really need a Char-alike masked antagonist, and an ending that borrowed from Nausicaä the way that Greece has borrowed from the bond markets?

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