Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cycling progress

The continuing wet weather is playing havoc with my attempts to pile in the miles like I did last year. We've had what seem to be the only two days this week that won't be a wash-out; and one of those is a work-from-home day around taking Karen to exercise class.

Currently my odo stands at 3915.6, plus the 75 miles I did on a hire bike back in March. So I have comfortably -- by 80 miles or so -- made the easy target of 2000 miles since the end of last June (i.e. the 2nd year with the odo), most of that with help from the dry warm autumn we had last year. Doing another 85 miles to roll over the 4000 in the next 10 days is looking less and less likely each time I see a weather forecast. And getting from 788 miles so far this year to the 1000 looks right out.

Let's hope we have a fine autumn again this year.

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