Friday, August 03, 2012

On the road again

Between holiday and just everyday cycling with a purpose (unlike the gratuitous getting miles in on rare dry evenings in June), I managed 350 miles last month, which is more like it.

Last night on the way home through Bourn, it was just starting to spit with rain, with a strong southerly wind in my face, so I was barely over 20mph going through the 30 limit (as opposed to the more usual barely legal), but just kept on pedalling to get up the far side of the valley an keep ahead of the weather.

Then a car pulled out, and promptly go stuck behind another slow cyclist grinding up the hill -- so nothing for it but to keep pouring on the coal, and overtake the both of them. I was gasping for breath on the next up out of the village, but it was satisfying.

And I managed to get clear of the path of that batch of weather and carried on dry all the way home.

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