Monday, August 13, 2012


So, while sitting on the drive at the anniversary of acquisition,the car odo was reading 6454 miles, or 2980 miles on the year -- thanks to last year's dry autumn, and the usual run of snow days (and no thanks to the spring weather).

Talking of which, the fruit trees seem to have counted April-May as a second winter, because they have had a second run of blossom in the last few weeks:

New plums in August

Baby plums

Apple blossom in August

Apple blossom

The plums at least managed to avoid the worst of the late frosts, and if the belated warm weather keeps up, might end up ripening a decent crop -- but at current indications that will be after the bank holiday weekend, the usual peak (and unlike last year when they were peaking about now); but the apples have been hit -- the Bramley has but a handful of fruit that look like they'll never get big enough to use; though the Charles Ross has a smaller than usual crop of smaller than usual fruit, but will at least not be a complete write-off.

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