Sunday, July 07, 2013

7000 on 7/7

It was just such a glorious day that, after getting the chores out of the way, it was just the weather for getting on the bike and making random explorations, this time down the Roman road past Wandlebury, which made for good going in this dry weather -- though beyond the A11, it did start to get a bit overgrown in places, with weeds brushing against the panniers.

Fortunately the underlying countryside is gentle enough that the uncompromising "Forwards, go!" didn't really make the going at all difficult -- just a couple of places where dropping down close to bottom gear for a few yards near the crests of a climb, which is really no different from my usual route into work.

And so, on the third anniversary of fitting the odo to my bike, I've just nudged it over the 7000 mile mark, and will probably run it around the clock next autumn.

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