Monday, July 22, 2013

Phew, what a scorcher

METAR report form the local airport, ninety minutes ago

Location: EGSC
Day of month: 22
Time: 16:20 UTC
Wind: True direction = 130 degrees, Speed: 9 knots
Wind direction is variable between 080 and 190
CAVOK conditions: Visibility 10 km or more,
no cloud below 5.000 feet or below the MSA (whichever is greater),
no cumulonimbus, and no significant weather phenomena in
the aerodrome or its vicinity
Temperature: 31C
Dewpoint: 17C
Humidity: 43%
QNH (Sea-level pressure): 1014 hPa

Not quite as hot as it got at the hottest point of summer ten years ago, but about the closest it's been in the interim.

Which reminds me that some time in the last week or two marks ten years of this mix of cat-blogging, reviews and tech-blogging. Doesn't time fly?

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