Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April Cycling

#30daysofbiking happened. On the backup/winter bike, starting at 16245.7 and ending at 16308.2, or 62.5 miles plus the summer bike starting at 1021.1, ending at 1201.5, plus 4 miles off-meter or 184.4 miles for a total of 246.9 miles (YTD 714). That's better than any month last year except August, and 50 miles more than last April, as drier, and at times warmer, weather led to cycling to the gym more and as far as the Red Lion several times.

The first half of the month was chilly, with consistent Easterlies, and by the time the unnaturally warm and dry Easter weekend arrived, the garden was calling, countering the lure of the open road; going to the Golden Lion at St Ives -- this time with a strong headwind on the way home instead of flooding -- was the only really long ride; but I did manage a spin for fun in the warm weather on the first, and a country ride to the tip in the run-up to Easter.

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