Friday, April 05, 2019

End of an era

Sometime near the start of 1995, I finally got with the program, and got myself a 14k4 modem and a Demon Internet account.

Years passed, ADSL arrived, Demon became Thus became Vodafone. Then a few weeks back, notification that their ADSL offering was being retired, but there was no equipment in our local exchange to simply translate to fibre-to-cabinet. So I've had to uproot all the SOHO-style home network with its static IP to another ISP and dynamic IP.

It's taken a couple of days, but it all (internal servers, externally-facing servers, DNS, general net access) seems to be working now.

And 20 years on, the fibre that Cambridge Cable laid to the village in 1999 has never been built upon either, so we don't even have fibre-to-premise as an option.

Update, 7-Apr: Outbound mail from my domain names is still not working.

Update, 7-Apr, later: Outbound mail, this time via my domain registrar, might be working now.

Update 14-Apr: Finally after 10 days, I think I may now have the mails from my cron jobs being handled properly by Google (SPF passing and getting to the correct folder).

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