Saturday, October 16, 2004

Web (server) log

More of the weird strings that pull people to my sites.

  • Eden Project cornwall
  • christopher gilham
  • Gilham — twice
  • "steve gilham" — On Google UK for UK sites. I've not pwnZ0rZed that to the same extent as unfettered Google.
  • FRED WALTERS — My distant relative isn't the baseballer
  • len walters
  • crossbar & "her wrists" — Aargh! I'm caught in the middle of a search for John Norman's Gor. Unclean!
  • architechnix — There appears actually to be a real company of this name, but my fictional one (Tuckerising some of my own past) gets the #1 slot
  • cats at home — obligatory cat pix
  • Mangatoetoe — been there
  • Utena + Nerv Fanfiction — one of the strings leading to hits on the same page as the next few strings:
  • neon in its purist state
  • Evangelion "Story Boards"
  • b-spline_eva
  • fan interpretations of The End of Evangelion
  • Rei & Asuka & shoujo-ai
  • shinji and rei ayanami having sex pic — Somebody was disappointed ;)
  • walking holidays in france — I write about mine
  • pinewoods cemetary — yes, I do have a page with both those words on, but very far apart
  • walking tour st. jacques of compostelle — another of the many hits on the same
  • hotel de chanaleilles — and again
  • Le Puy-en-Velay france photo — and again
  • walking holidays france — and again
  • french>church>st.Nectaire — and again
  • "Le Puy" GR65 — and again
  • GUI Toolkit Skinning Win32
  • "Mr Tines"
  • ravnaandtines — from Italy
  • stand alone blowfish

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