Sunday, October 03, 2004

Trawling the blogger-sphere

That little "Next blog" button does exert its influence when you have nothing better to do, and just want to randomly wander links. And it does feel that mouch of human life is here. But here are surprises and annoyances.

It is annoying to hit blogs that obscure the title bar, or stick up Javascript thingies. It is frustrating (on a 1600x1200 display at least) to hit blogs that are in maroon on black in teeny-tiny font size, or hide all the text in a minute 300x300 pixel scrolling area. It is striking when one finds the same site two or even three times (especially when it is one of the annoying ones) without getting led back to one's own. And so many blogs on the trail are at the first post or three stage, and no more than 24-48 hours old (and one of those made featured blog recently for reasons that escape me).

It is surprising that it seems that as many blogs are in Spanish or Portuguese as are in USAn student illiterate semi-English or are compendia of (mainly financial) advertising links (debt relief, pay-day loans, or such) - and that more people blog in Arabic or about details of their sex lives than blog in French or German (on Blogger at least).

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