Saturday, October 16, 2004

Web (server) log

More of the weird strings that pull people to my sites.

  • Eden Project cornwall
  • christopher gilham
  • Gilham — twice
  • "steve gilham" — On Google UK for UK sites. I've not pwnZ0rZed that to the same extent as unfettered Google.
  • FRED WALTERS — My distant relative isn't the baseballer
  • len walters
  • crossbar & "her wrists" — Aargh! I'm caught in the middle of a search for John Norman's Gor. Unclean!
  • architechnix — There appears actually to be a real company of this name, but my fictional one (Tuckerising some of my own past) gets the #1 slot
  • cats at home — obligatory cat pix
  • Mangatoetoe — been there
  • Utena + Nerv Fanfiction — one of the strings leading to hits on the same page as the next few strings:
  • neon in its purist state
  • Evangelion "Story Boards"
  • b-spline_eva
  • fan interpretations of The End of Evangelion
  • Rei & Asuka & shoujo-ai
  • shinji and rei ayanami having sex pic — Somebody was disappointed ;)
  • walking holidays in france — I write about mine
  • pinewoods cemetary — yes, I do have a page with both those words on, but very far apart
  • walking tour st. jacques of compostelle — another of the many hits on the same
  • hotel de chanaleilles — and again
  • Le Puy-en-Velay france photo — and again
  • walking holidays france — and again
  • french>church>st.Nectaire — and again
  • "Le Puy" GR65 — and again
  • GUI Toolkit Skinning Win32
  • "Mr Tines"
  • ravnaandtines — from Italy
  • stand alone blowfish


Unknown said...

I came because of none of the above, I'm afraid. It was "space" in your profile.

Jon Willis said...

For me it was Steve Reich in your profile, and then the hard SF (and you look a bit like Geordie La Forge without the visor)