Sunday, June 08, 2008

All Change (3)

Not quite 4 years ago, I picked up a second hand high-end PC, and parked it in my living room to act as a combined web-server and pre-heater for the air coming in through the air brick.

Tonight, all of a sudden, house power went out, and flipping switches in the twilight I finally pinned the problem down to front-of-house sockets. Unplug a shedload of stuff, bring power up, then incrementally add stuff.

When it came the turn of the web server, it just sat there beeping plaintively, so I guess the power-out was correlated with it giving up the ghost. I shall have to examine it by daylight, but unless it's something that clears itself up or can be rectified by putting another HD in, it's for the tip. All that's lost from being on-line should be just a batch of photos, and a smaller amount of miscellaneous images from fanac.

LATER -- Monday, pressing the on-switch caused some activity, but rather than beeping endlessly, it just powered itself down after a few seconds. Saturday, and it booted just fine. So I've reinstated the DNS for it, and in a few hours it should be visible globally again. Weird.

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