Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cycling holiday -- day 6

After a grey start, it brightened up, but the wind was still strong from the west. I decided to take a route I hadn't done before, looping close to Ipswich, reprising some of the terrain I'd done yesterday, but on new ground until Claydon.

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Having stayed there the first time I did any of these rides, the area is familiar, so to avoid a familiar drag back, I looped off through a number of pleasant little villages, to Barking, where I reprised in reverse the little ride I did last year, before parking the bike at the farm, and going over to the Limes for a light lunch.

They don't know the meaning of light -- the club sandwich was three doorstops of a large loaf, generously filled with plenty of salad, slaw and chips... After that it was just the formalities and the drive home (avoiding the lunatic cyclists who thought the A14-A11-A505 Newmarket to Sawston and back would be a good place for time trials).

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