Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dark days...

I don't usually do politics on this blog -- I tend to leave that sort of things to the chaps in the sidebar -- but the disgusting antics in and around Parliament this week deserve remark.

Not just the 42 days ratcheting of the police state, on the back of outright bribes to pro-Cuba lefties and extremist Ulstermen, but the burying of the last stages of debate on the EU takeover bill in the Lords. Their disgraceful behaviour (voting against manifesto policy)in these debates mean that the LibDems have permanently lost my vote, after a temporary withdrawal following their ludicrous peacenik-ery on Iraq (a necessary war of liberation, albeit fought 12 years late and on an ill-advised pretext) -- not that Bob Spink did UKIP any favours as a likely next recipient.

And now bottler Brown is still pressing ahead with the ratification despite the Irish "No!". May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his armpits. And the same for the traitorous scum supporting it.

There is something worryingly Orwellian (along the lines of "Slavery is Freedom") when the president of the EU parliament calls the Irish vote "a great disappointment for all those who wanted to achieve greater democracy" since if democracy means anything, it means the right to kick the bastards out without having to resort to bloody revolution -- and that's one thing that the EU lacks a mechanism for, even with the self-amending ratchet of the Constitution in place.

No, like the idiot lefties who called Boris' win for London Mayor a bad day for democracy, too many of our political classes and their chatterati hangers on think that democracy means voting the way that they want, in true Soviet style. And, like a serial rapist, the EU has form on taking "No" to mean "Yes, in a little while".

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