Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cycling holiday -- day 1

And suddenly, glorious weather, after last week's wind, cloud and some rain.

Arrived at Needham Market about 2pm, then on the bike for a long loop around Stowmarket, finishing off at the B&B at Bays Farm.

Being Monday, the local wouldn't be doing food, so after a freshen up, back on the bike and back to Needham Market, to do the curry and a pint deal at Bugs Bar at the Limes, before ambling gently back (startling some strollers on one of the narrow and enclosed bits, when calling "Coming through!").

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They have wi-fi here, so I'm sitting in bed, watching ducks and moorhens in the early morning sun, while blogging away. Last night, the sun was shining through onto the far wall, casting shadows from the shelving unit at the foot of the bed, the last glimmer going at about 21:20, a spark dipping below the horizon.

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