Monday, November 10, 2003

Much ado about nothing

So the tabloids are whipping themselves into a frenzy, while a certain royal servant is keeping his head down. It was the same years back with Camilla vs. that awful selfish manipulative plastic Barbie-doll royal broodmare (of whom, good riddance*). And all this is supposed to be shaking the rotten edifice of the monarchy to its core!

These people have no sense of history. When we have the shining examples of Henry VIII and Edward II to look back on, to name but two, what's going on with Big-Ears is hardly novel. I'm personally more concerned with his talking to trees and general mystic noodling.

While I am, as an Englishman of my generation, loyal to the core to Her Majesty Elizabeth II of England, I really don't feel the same about the available successors. That said, any of them would be better than President Thatcher or Rev. Prez. Tony, which is the sort of thing that we'd be in line for if we got rid of the current rebadged House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

[* - My most ambiguous 40th birthday present - her funeral, which rather disrupted trying to get beer in for the party and surprised me in the creepy mourninger than thou hysteria, when my first reaction to the news on the Sunday evening previous had been "Ding dong, the bitch is dead!". Any other week, and Mother Theresa's** death would have been headlined, not bumped to the end of the news bulletins.]

[** - yes, I know that particular idol also had feet of clay - I'm more trying to look at the normal priority things would have been accorded.]

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