Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Too few hours

Having spent a week on holiday (so away from the always-on Internet) had the expected effect on the posting frequency, especially when I got engrossed in other things. Passive consumption of old media, or ruminations about what I might do in an HeroQuest game aren't the stuff of great blogs. And then when I got to work, a project I had expected would have been handed over to another team to complete has been bounced back, so I'm neck deep in work.

For anyone who's interested, the old cat is doing well - putting on weight now, and being right spoilt by having the individual servings of Senior cat food (which clearly taste better than the average run of meatblob) - and not too distressed by the twice daily dosing. He's filling out so the ribs don't show, and the spine is a lot less bony when you stroke his back.

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