Monday, July 19, 2004

Alluvial deposits

I took the weatherman at his word today, and cycled in for the first time in almost a week. To find that the rain over the weekend had converted one of the newly resurfaced bits of road into a stream-bed, with soil and gravel washed down from the banks several inches deep in places, and the start of a new set of pot-holes already being scoured. Not fun cycling terrain!

The sticky and/or wet weather also means that I only managed to get less than half the tree surgery - opening up the canopy that has stealthily extended itself over the back vegetable plot in the last few years, and feeding the remains to the shredder, to increase the effective carrying capacity of the green wheelie-bin - done that I'd wanted to. Hence the web-site fiddling alluded to in the previous post.

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